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"It is my pleasure to offer this letter of recommendation for Chef Bret McKee. Fluor Corp. has engaged Chef McKee's services on many occasions, ranging from intimate meal settings to large, high profile client event functions.  We continue inviting Chef McKee back as he consistently creates an atmosphere and setting that is perfect for each occasion and purpose.  Chef McKee prepares world-class cuisine and artfully presents and discusses each course accompaniment and wine pairings.  Also to the delight and entertainment of guests.  We consider him part of the Fluor family and he is first on our planning list when developing an event that we want to be enjoyable and memorable for our clients worldwide.  We highly recommend Chef Bret and are certain that he will exceed your expectations."  David T. Seaton

"I would like to take this opportunity to strongly recommend Brett Mckee to you for the position of chef for your event. I met and became friends with Brett seven years ago when he was the chef and host for an event sponsored by Lifetime Television to celebrate the success of their new hit series “Army Wives”. As a series regular on the show and a loyal customer at his restaurant, I have had the privilege of enjoying Brett’s extraordinary cuisine many times. Just writing this letter and thinking about Brett’s cooking is making my mouth water. Brett is a very talented chef. Trust me you will be ecstatic with the quality, taste, and presentation of the food. It will be delicious. He is also incredibly effective at handling high profile, high-pressure events. Every “Brett Mckee” event I’ve attend has been well managed and seamlessly executed. He is an excellent leader and runs a tight kitchen.

Not only is Brett a talented chef, he's an all around great guy as well. He is very well-liked and highly respected in the community. He enjoys helping others and giving back. Brett's fantastic a rallying the troops around charity causes. I've witnessed him in action as he personally raised a substantial amount of money for one of his favorite charities, the MUSC Children’s Hospital. 

Bottom line is you can’t go wrong with Brett Mckee. He is a trendsetter, and a tastemaker. He's a fantastic chef and an amazing person. I believe you will be extremely pleased if you choose to work with him. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (818)571-3896" Wendy Davis

"I have known Chef Brett McKee since 2006 as we crossed paths at his restaurant in Charleston, SC - the renowned Oak Steakhouse - and at his subsequent restaurants (O-ku and 17 North) while Ithere for four years executive producing the Lifetime/ABC TV hit show Army Wives. 

In order to make a special "extra" segment which would entice consumers to buy the DVD for Season 2  Army Wives, the production co (ABC TV) and I asked Brett to make a dinner for our Cast in one of the fabulous settings in downtown Charleston where we filmed Brett teaching the Cast of Army Wives how to cook the meal.  Thanks in large part to Brett, what was captured on camera of that evening was a perfect confluence of celebrity, fun and great lessons in cooking.

In another moment of Brettness, I attended the wedding of one of our series directors in Martha's Vineyard in 2009 where Brett was the chef for the wedding dinner.  In fact he was the chef for the entire weekend.  He brought staff and also hired locals and all those who attended which included many Hollywood faces, such as actors, actresses, the head of Fox TV and CEO of Carsey Werner Prods thought it to be a very special weekend because of the food and presentation.  The menus were tailored to regional cooking and local produce and catch.

If you are considering Brett for any size event, anywhere, I could not more highly recommend this talented, unique, excellent chef.  He will make a brilliant memory for you and your guests - an especially valuable treat for those who are used to attending multiple events and dinners." Marshall Persinger Film & TV Producer, Los Angeles, CA

"Please let this letter serve as the highest reference for Chef Brett McKee.  I first met Brett when he was running the Oak Steakhouse in Charleston, S.C.  At the time it was one of the premiere restaurants in the city and Brett’s cooking and personality made it the go to place for myself and all of the Army Wives cast that were shooting in the city at the time.  I was so impressed in fact that I asked Brett if he would cater my upcoming wedding in Martha’s Vineyard, to which he readily agreed.

Brett then helped to host and cater both the more casual rehearsal dinner and more formal wedding.  Delicious lobster and clam boil, with corn and potatoes one night and more refined filets, sea bass and even some special vegetarian entrees for a few.  The food was spectacular and the guests raved. We all had a fantastic time and Brett’s personality on top of his excellent cooking made the weekend a smashing success. 

Without hesitation, I would rehire Chef Brett McKee for any event. From a small intimate dinner for 10, to a wedding for 200, I would trust him to deliver exquisite cuisine and a great personality to work with.

Please feel free to call me and ask anything else. I am a huge fan" Emile Levisetti


"When my siblings and I decided we wanted to surprise my parents for their anniversary, we could not agree on any restaurant that would meet our high expectations for such a special event, but all of our suggestions seemed to have one thing in common - Brett McKee! What they (the out-of-towners) didn't know was that Brett was now doing dinners in private homes. From the first contact we made with Brett and his team to the day after they walked out of the immaculately clean kitchen, it was all smiles and full bellies! The menu that Chef McKee designed took all of our unrelated suggestions and left us baited (and hungry) in anticipation. Having a gourmet, multi-course meal with exquisite wine pairings, all served in the familiarity of home created a lasting memory for our parents. Brett handled every detail before I realized it would be a detail needing to be handled! The entire evening went off better than I ever hoped. I didn't realize having Chef McKee be a part of our evening was just as crucial of an ingredient as having the lamb be there for the main course! The evening left our family flipping through our calendars for the next celebration where we can book Brett to come back!" Laura E. Roemer

I attended a private dinner party hosted by friends several months ago where Chef Brett McKee prepared a 5 course meal with wine pairings.  I was so impressed with that evening and had such a wonderful time, not to mention the food and wine was outstanding, that I decided I wanted to host a private dinner party for my family and a few close friends.  Myself and my 3 daughters all have birthdays within days of each other and thought this would be a wonderful birthday present for all of us.  I met with Brett and he came up with a wonderful 5 course dinner based on our tastes and preferences.  With all of us being foodies, I knew this would be an evening to remember and Cheff Brett did not disappoint.  What made it even more special was that he showed my 2 grandaughters (also foodies) how to serve and prepare dishes. It was a night that they still talk about. While I have eaten at many of Chef Brett's restaurants in the past--I feel what he is doing now is his true calling.  His talents, creativity and food preparation are better than they ever were.  He made us all feel special.  Thank you Brett!   Gitta Wombwell

Brett McKee is one of the truly great chefs in the nation. We hosted a special wine dinner and Brett prepared a spectacular meal and paired it perfectly with various vintages of Ketcham Estate Pinot Noir. Every course exceeded the expectations of our guests. The people in attendance are all well traveled with sophisticated palates and unananimously agreed the meal was superior from start to finish.  We along with all of our guests are looking forward to using Brett frequently for future events. -  Bill Lehew


When friends who own a vineyard in Healdsburg, CA and make exceptional Pinot Noirs decided to come to Charleston for some wine dinners, we decided to have a wine dinner of our own in honor of the couple. So we could enjoy time with our guests, I enlisted the help of my friend, Chef Brett McKee.  I could think of no one more capable of preparing a meal to highlight the Ketcham Estate Pinot Noirs. The party was stress free because Brett and his staff tended to all details from preparation to clean up.  All our guests and I had to do was enjoy the food, the wine and the company.  Our foodie friends are still raving about the dinner.   I was so pleased with Chef Brett that I have already booked him for another dinner later this month! Margaret Mays

I had a private dinner party with Chef Brett McKee last fall. What an event! We did it to celebrate a monumental goal achieved by my business and it was a huge success. From the beginning where his team really listened to us, to the staff truly connecting with our guests until the very end, it was a truly enjoyable and bonding experience for my team. The food was of course exceptional and the wine pairings were perfect.  But the attention to detail and personal touch you get with Brett and his staff is what truly makes it memorable. I highly encourage you to reserve a private dinner party with Brett as it will be one you and your guests will  be talking about for years. -  A. Sinclair 

If you have the opportunity to have Chef Brett McKee prepare dinner in your home you are in for a treat!  I was fortunate to co-host an event with my best friend and have Brett come into my friend’s home and prepare a dinner for 10 great women.   Chef Brett actually prepared the dinner from appetizer to dessert in the kitchen and we all learned and laughed and admired his fancy knife work.  What a wonderful experience for all of us.  From the “Would-Be Chef’s” to the “I Don’t Step in the Kitchen” women - we all had fun with Brett.  His daughter was with him to help him in the kitchen and serve.  The meal was exquisite – fresh watermelon salad; sword fish on the grill with lemon buerblanc (made from scratch); and a melt-in-your mouth almond pound cake with fresh macerated fruit compote.   I can’t say enough about how easy Chef Brett made it for all of us to enjoy a truly fabulous dinner in the comfort of home.   You can’t go wrong on this! - Cindy Elenberger 


When my sister, who helps me everyday, was turning 30 I wanted to do something very special for her. She had wanted a surprise party he whole life but never had one. Brett put together an amazing 4 course rooftop dinner and wine pairing.  He did EVERYTHING!  We arrived to a beautifully set table and the 5 star service he is known for. My sister still says it is the best party she has ever had. Brett went above and beyond to make sure it was a fabulous night.  - G. DAVIS


 If you have ever wished for a 5 star dining experience in the comfort of your own home, Chef Brett is the man to see....our dinner was perfect.  Fresh, local ingredients paired with wines to enhance each dish.  Everything was prepared in front of us, and served with a flourish by Ray, Brett's knowledgeable server.  Our meal delighted with every course...Chef Brett's creative use of simple ingredients made every dish a delight!  Brett magically transformed panna cotta into my favorite childhood treat....the Good Humor Toasted Almond!  Anyone raised in the 70's in the greater New York Area will be delighted by this creation, which is sure to be a craving...Aside from the technique, and overall sensational experience, Brett managed, for one night to transform my kitchen into a fine dining establishment.  Best of all however, is Brett himself...his warmth, humor, and genuine pleasure in his craft made the evening a special delight!  Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up to Chef Brett!!! - Marie McGuirk



I would just like to thank you for always making yourself available to any event I have called on you to lead, assist and help with rather it was for business, personal, political or for a non-profit organization, you always bring an incredible level of positive energy, innovation and a nothing is too big to accomplish attitude. Your commitment to excellence, attention to detail and that Chef Brett McKee Flair makes you not only a rare commodity but also a tremendously valuable resource and asset to anyone or organization that has you on their team. I look forward to many, many more events with you and would highly recommend you to anyone. Keep up the great work my friend. - Mark M Smith - Owner, McAlister-Smith Funeral Homes, Inc. -Board Chairman, Lowcountry Food Bank