private cooking classes

cooking classes

Giving you full access to the knowledge and skills of a legendary chef, I will come to your home or the location of your choice and train you and your family and friends in a cooking class that you will talk about for years to come. Creating memories in your kitchen and bonding over the skills I have acquired, I offer limitless knowledge and a once in a lifetime chance to train you on how to create meals and memories. Both entertaining and educational, I will first prepare a meal and fool proof every step, enabling you to throw the perfect party or serve the perfect dinner. After enjoying the courses we create, I will host a question and answer session. Knife skills, food preparation, package to plate-I will show you every step in transforming everyday ingredients into exquisite meals. My charisma and charm will fill your kitchen as I train you in the trades of a master chef. Learn. Eat. Enjoy.

* Because kitchens vary widely from home to home, a consultation will be necessary prior to cooking classes and parties to gauge which culinary supplies I will need to provide.